Keywords for your SEO strategy


The keywords you use in your website play a vital part in helping customers to find your site, and in helping the search engines to understand your website content and place your site in its search listings. Making sure you are using the right keywords is hugely important to search engine optimization (SEO). By taking the time to research your keywords and choose the most relevant and popular phrases for use in your site, you could see your site rise up the search rankings, becoming far more accessible to your customers and hopefully generating business for your company.

Researching and choosing keywords

Strong keywords are typically that which are highly relevant to your business and receive many searches by search engine users each month, but which do not have too much competition for their use. There are many different tools for keyword research available on the webs which are free and very easy to use – a good example is Google’s own keyword tool. By entering a keyword phrase into the keyword tool, you can see how many people are searching for that phrase each month, how much competition there is to rank for that phrase, and what similar phrases are also being used. Taking the time to check your keywords will ensure you have a great chance at achieving a good search result rank.

Research and update your keywords to keep your site well optimized

To make sure your business website stays ahead of the game, carry out regular research into your current keywords and any alternatives you might wish to rank for, and update your site to reflect this.


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